How it started

You crack your knuckles, wiggle your fingers and begin your Google Search.

Unseen Goa
Undiscovered Goa
Unchartered Goa

Your Google search goes on and on.

Hidden gems of Goa
Off-beat Goa
Secret Goa

What do you get at the end after grueling hours of your exhaustive research? Weary eyes and a confused brain. That’s because no matter how much you try, you end up reading articles that talk about the same 20-odd Hidden Jewels of Goa, rephrased and reworded differently by different portals. Now, if you have 50 pages describing Agonda Beach with the best adjectives you can ever think of, then how would that be ‘A Secret Beach in South Goa’?

So Then?

Goa Bylane is the answer.

Goa Bylane reveals to you Goa that is beyond Sun, Sand and Soro (alcohol). It is a go-to place on your screen if you want to know what is going on in the hinterland of Goa. (In a way, you can say that we are here to promote the Hinterland tourism in Goa)

Goa Bylane is a cinematic window through which you can see a Traveller’s Goa.

What Should You Expect From Goa Bylane?

Goa Bylane is not the Yellow Pages of events in Goa. We are not another LLB (Little Black Book). We don’t mimic Lonely Planet Goa. We are not a copy of Thrillophilia. We have a distinct identity. We are Goa’s own audio-visual Cultural Magazine that brings you the sights, sounds, flavours and colours of India’s pint-sized state. Through our lens, wander the interiors of the region, lane by lane.

Yes, we will surely tell you what-to-do, where-to-go and where-to-eat when in Goa. And no, that’s not the only content you will get from us. We are here to take you beyond a Tourist’s-checklist of Goa.

Goa beyond Xacuti and Pao

The real Goa does not stay in beach-shacks. It lives in the interiors. And it is different than what you’ve been reading in travel magazines. Along with Rechado (the King of Goan Masalas) and Balchao (a pickle-like blend), there is Mangane (sweet lentil porridge) and Patole (sweet rice-flour dumpling). Along with St. Xavier’s church and Mangeshi Temple, there is Sacred Grooves and Tiger temples. Along with festivals like Sao Joao and Shigmo, there is Zagor (Staying Awake for God) and Chikhal Kalo (Playing in the mud).

The point we are trying to make is that there is a side of Goa that you have not seen. Goa Bylane shall bring to light these hidden aspects of the region through its YouTube Channel.

We Are Our Own Patrav

Patrav in Konani means Boss. So we are our own Boss.

Goa Bylane is not affiliated with any political party. It does not subscribe to any political ideology. Also, Goa Bylane is not here to judge or pass any verdict.

We are here to give Goa its own voice and help it narrate itself in its true form. Goa Bylane is here to show you Goa that escapes all Google searches.

Have you ever been to Goa, what are your memories from your visit?

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