Feature Series

Team of Goa Bylane bring you the curated YouTube series showcasing three aspects of this Indian coastal state – Goan Traditional Livelihoods, Goan Festivals and its Famous Personalities.

Xit Kodi showcases the cultural roots & livelihoods of Goa. Every episode will take you on a stroll through a new bylane & introduce you to a new artisan.

Goa, in every sense, is a land of culture, heritage and traditions. Every year, a large number of festivals are celebrated throughout this beachy haven. Don’t miss the excitement. Stay tuned.

Eager Talks is a talk show where our host Janaki interacts with the most interesting & enterprising personalities of Goa to shed light on the serious issues faced by us. Eager Talks is produced by Goa Bylane in collaboration with EAGERi.

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