Xit Kodi – S01/EP 01 – The Car Doctors Of Goa

Xit Kodi – S01/EP 01 – The Car Doctors Of Goa

Goa is a small coastal state on the southwestern coast of India within the region known as the Konkan. People of Goa (Goans) are known for their love for fish and their contended, relaxed attitude towards life.

Goa’s Chaaris are very intelligent craftsmen and blacksmiths, capable of assembling and repairing anything from carts to cars, they are called the born engineer community of Goa.

We got the chance to talk to one such family who have been in the profession of fixing cars for many generations now and they are popularly called the oldest Car doctors in Goa.

So no matter where your car breaks down in Goa, you will always find a Chaari in the nearby village ready to help you.

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